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Slide GPoint Reloadable Reward Prepaid Visa Card Any ATM Withdraws Dollar-For-GPoint Match Re-loadable Prepaid Card Re-loadable up to $10,000 for each GPOINT prepaid award card. Daily spend limits are varies upon personal identification verification. For more info please check disclaimers / terms and conditions. 1 GPoint = 1 USD. GPoints never expires which users can reload, exchange, or even award as a reward. Spend GPoints like a cash and get exclusive discounts from premium brands and more! Withdraw / Payout Transaction fees may apply. GPoint Prepaid Reloadable Reward card is now available to sign up. Partnership with NETSPEND credit card solution. No limits to apply GPOINT Prepaid Card which you can save, earn, and use GPoints as a cash. Everyday, Everywhere, For Your Conveniences. atm Disclaimers / Terms and Conditions