GPoint Prepaid Reloadable Reward Card Application


※ Application Fee of 20 GPoints will be deducted when your application has been processed.
※ Application is processed only on US West Time Work Days (Mon - Fri, Except US Holidays).
※ You will receive emails for notification once your application has been submitted/processed.
※ Application Request may take up to 24 hours to process.

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*Your personal information along with SSN# will be requested by NetSpend upon card activation.

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Prepaid Reloadable Visa Card by GPOINT is powered by NetSpend. 1 GP is equivalent to 1 USD which users are able to redeem as a cash. Reload to the visa card is only available by GPoint Corporation which users cannot reload to their cards. All applicants are welcome to apply for prepaid reloadable visa card, however applicant must have 20 GP in order to apply for one. There is no limitation to apply several prepaid card. GPoint prepaid reloadable visa card is generally made for reward benefits. For more info please visit for detailed Disclaimers and Terms & Conditions.